SolarAccess Operations Department

SolarAccess Operations Department

SolarAccess Operations Department, Interview with Project Lead Niels Groenewegen

“The input: lots of energy and expertise from our team. The output: beautiful projects and good green solar energy, directly from and into our clients’ production facilities!”


SolarAccess core operational team

Ruben van Schoor, Erwin Rozendaal and Niels Groenewegen, three experienced young and knowledgeable professionals who lead, manage and ensure that all SolarAccess’ projects are engineered and built. An energetic and close-knit team that is optimally attuned to each other and can therefore serve clients super-fast and efficiently.


Preparation, engineering and realization of the solar projects

Niels: “Every project at SolarAccess consists of legal, contractual and financial matters. After that first phase, the Operations Department takes over. Our job always starts with an extensive preparation phase, in close cooperation with our client. What are the options and what connections are needed? What is the customer’s power consumption and how much energy can be generated?” Power is used directly on site so, as not to put any extra strain on the power grid. Does a production facility run for 8 or 24 hours? SolarAccess will match the output and the demand closely connected to the internal consumption.


Roof load capacity and influence of wind

Setting up the project requires few important steps “We inspect the location, take drone photos and create the layout of the technical plan. What weight can the rooftop support? In collaboration with specialized partners we carry out stability check. What is the current status of the roof is another important question to be answered? Whether and special environmental situation needs to be checked as well. In what kind of area is the building situated? How much wind do the panels catch and how heavy should the construction be?”


Safety, speed and flexibility

The team also inspects where their building site can be set up. Does scaffolding need to be erected or is there a roof access? What safety equipment is needed? Edge protection is always provided, but sometimes a harness has to be used in addition. After all these preparations, the actual building work can start!

Niels: “At SolarAccess we believe it’s important for our customers to have a permanent contact person. That’s why our team will be at the construction site most of the time, for all the duration of the project. We need to insure and check the safety rules and build according to plan.”


Some projects are built within a week while others take months. Niels: “Efficiency is our strength. Recently we completed 3.800 panels and installed 3.100 new ones at one site within one month. Meeting deadline and build at high standards are our key success factors.”


Great job

Niels: “I often think: wow, I honestly love my job. Working outside, always at different locations and with different people, it is very dynamic. And achieving something tangible and great for the planet. It’s amazing to take a tour at the roof with our customers during the completion of a project and get so many enthusiastic responses.”

“I often leave our construction sites with a proud, happy and fulfilled feeling.”


Over 17 years of experience

The solar energy market is certainly no longer in its infancy, and still remains a dynamic sector that develops very quickly. Niels: “SolarAccess has a tremendous experience within building large projects. Our team will always looks and comes up with the most creative solutions.”


That experience with large projects at renowned clients such as Heineken, Pepsico, Wavin and others makes companies trust you, Niels adds. “And rightly so! Clients are often surprised by the speed and efficiency of our team. There’s no stress and we work tidily, neatly and safely. Personally, I appreciate the cooperation and dynamics within our team. Real team work mean to be on the same wavelength, help each other, have fun, celebrate successes and getting the most out of it.”

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