SolarDirect, the on-site PPA product of SolarAccess

SolarDirect, the on-site PPA product of SolarAccess

Generating solar power at your location, without investing? Yes, that is possible.


The amount of solar energy generated around the world is growing rapidly. Many companies consider installing solar panels on their premises, but some are left with doubts and uncertainties. Many of our clients hesitate to invest their own financial resources in such projects that are not their core business.


That’s why every company needs to know that it is possible to:

generate solar power at your location without investing through on-site PPA agreements


Geert Jan Euverman, Global Procurement Manager West & Central Europe at Pepsico:

“The advantage of Solar Direct, the on-site PPA product of SolarAccess, is outsourcing the solar installation, operation and financing to SolarAccess while using the green electricity, generated at your company’s location.”


Solar Direct from SolarAccess – how to finance the solar rooftop/ parking?

Since financial resources are one of the key hundles , SolarAccess developed Solar Direct. A service that allows you to generate solar electricity at the company’s facility and directly use it for the production, whilst only paying for the green energy generated / used. That means the company will pay the price per kilowatt hour instead of solar installation.


Piet Hein Timp, Category Manager Sustainability & Energy at Heineken:

“Energy is part of operating expenditures; they are variable  costs that recur every  year. SolarAccess finances the solar projects, we pay for locally generated green solar power and can invest our capital where it is most needed for the company.”


How does it work

Solar Direct is an on-site PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) financial solution offered for already many years by SolarAccess. The business model is simple: SolarAccess will place the panels on your roof, land or parking and will subsequently take over all responsibilities, including insurance and maintenance costs. The fact that you agree to purchase the green electricity for an agreed amount / kWh during an agreed number of years allows the company to do the investment. Together we can unlock the positive energy of the sun and make our planet a more sustainable place, while our clients will invest their CAPEX in other directions!


Piet Hein Timp @ Heineken: “Solar energy makes a wonderful contribution to our sustainability goals and SolarAccess is an experienced company that supports us in this. SolarAccess invest in the solar systems themselves and take great care of their projects.”


SolarDirect from SolarAccess is tailor-made for each of our client while considering the specificity of every location The advantages of Solar Direct are:

  • Efficiency of the space
  • Best position of the panels
  • Competitiveness of the green electricity price
  • Speed of reaction & high-level customer support
  • Simple approach and process


John Arts, Logistic & Facilities Project Manager at Royal Reesink: “You can tell that SolarAccess has lots of experience with large industrial solar projects. Communication lines are short and SolarAccess is a truly reliable party. Excellent quality and high transparency.”


  • years of unlocking solar energy

SolarAccess green solar systems are designed, financed, built and managed by our motivated team of experts. During the entire lifetime solar installations are carefully monitored . With more than 18 years of experience in the field of solar energy, we are  knowledgeable, flexible, creative and proactive. Our service includes insurance, maintenance, service, a monitoring platform and periodical reports.


Geert Jan Euverman, Global Procurement Manager West & Central Europe at PepsiCo: “SolarAccess has played a crucial role by not giving up and always coming up with alternatives. Their advisory and supportive role is one of their main strengths.”


To summarize, the benefits of SolarDirect, from SolarAccess, are:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • On-site solar energy
  • Competitive price
  • No investment, completely off balance
  • No technical or financial risks
  • Full-service solution
  • Green power certificates included


The right approach for the company’s sustainability targets.


John Arts, Logistic & Facilities Project Manager at Royal Reesink: “Making your factories and offices self-sustainable is a wonderful goal. It’s financially advantageous while giving an amazing feeling of doing the right thing.”

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