Working at SolarAccess is all about being committed, fast, proud and agile

Working at SolarAccess is all about being committed, fast, proud and agile

That’s a question not asked very frequently in The Netherlands.
But today we are going to let some of our colleagues tell their story and precisely what they are proud of and why SolarAccess is an amazing company!

Based in Garderen, in the centre of the Netherlands, SolarAccess is specialized in delivering green solar energy through on onsite large solar projects.

Eelco Lamberink, Financial Controller: “The main strength of SolarAccess is that there is a lot of creativity and a huge drive to success. When other companies back out, SolarAccess jumps in. There is a major focus on opportunities and achievements. For financials like me this is quite a challenge due to the need of structuring the process. But this is definitely the power of our company, one of our main values.”

A big part of Eelco’s job is to prepare financial & production reports for investors and banks. He works on financial project management for the construction of solar installations and coordinate internally the flow of finance reports. “The interesting aspect of my job is that I’m involved in many different aspects of the company. The big responsibility is to make sure that everything is structured in a right way.”

As most of his colleagues, Eelco truly supports the vision and core business of the company: green solar power from your own rooftop. “It is so exciting that companies use the solar power at exactly the same spot where it’s produced. There is so much unused space on rooftops, it’s a beautiful contribution to a greener world! I am proud to say that our finance team manage finances for over 50 private limited companies in different countries. The concept SolarAccess developed over the years is quite unique. Companies can use solar power from their own rooftop, without investing in solar installations by themselves. We are one of a kind and I am very happy to be part of this amazing team!”

As Maintenance Coordinator, Niels Korterink job starts after solar panels are installed and connected. “My team monitors all our sites and jumps in, when problems occur. We generate reports in which the output of our projects are managed. In case of any malfunction we are solving it even sometime remotely. I love the flexibility and remote aspects of my day to day job: one day I’m in the office, the other I’m on the road visiting our projects and meeting our clients in person.” Niels and his team work with an overall monitoring system that allows to access all output and data related to solar installations either on the field or from behind their computer.

“The most important aspect I enjoy at SolarAccess is that we contribute to a better world. We support companies on realizing their sustainability plans by delivering green solar energy from their own roofs or land. Our main strength is our team. We have the right people at the right positions. We are flexible and have a big drive to get things done and respond to our clients’ needs. I am very proud of working for such an exciting and professional company with a big purpose on climate and sustainability!”

Keeping in touch with customers, that’s what Rocío Castellón, Account Manager is doing. As part of the SolarAccess commercial team, Rocio is in permanent contact with existing and potential new clients. Being Spanish, Rocio has a main focus on the Spanish market. Nowadays her portfolio is expanded with customers from all over the world. Rocio: “Latin America, the south of Europe but also the Netherlands. The key of a good relationship with our clients is to be connected and respond fast to their needs. Currently I am investigating new opportunities in: Spain, Poland, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Netherlands.”

The international aspect of the job appeals to Rocío. She enjoys keeping in touch with people from different cultures. Every day is different, and Rocío likes being involved into marketing related tasks, as well. “I am learning every day and being professional in the field of green energy is my main drive. One of the main value of SolarAccess is people’ honesty and the enormous drive to look for solutions. We never give up and always succeed. There’s a lot of positivity and optimism at SolarAccess and this is fitting my personality very well. I am very proud to be part of such an amazing Green Energy company with a real purpose to making a better world.”

Raluca Ichim joined the company as Business Development Manager to support the team in creating a strong commercial strategy, expand the business and defining a long term vision for SolarAccess. “I am happy to say that SolarAccess is doing amazingly well. The start-up mentality and agility are the keys of success. SolarAccess is truly a great example on how to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities all with positivity and entrepreneurial spirit. There is a tremendous amount multi directional knowledge. The professionalism of SolarAccess team is one of a kind. We are working with a lot of large multinational clients and our main task is to raise the bar and be a truly partner into green energy.”

“We are following a great purpose here and I am proud and honoured to contribute and collaborate with such an amazing team of professionals!”

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