Why Solar Energy is essential nowadays

Why Solar Energy is essential nowadays

Green solar power from your own company’s rooftop

A green lifestyle and corporate sustainability have moved up the agenda of both individuals and companies. There are many ways to contribute to a better world. Using renewable energy is one of the most important and efficient ways to improve sustainability. The power of wind, water, earth, sun and bio-mass waste can provide a tremendous quantity of energy while dramatically lowering the usage of conventional resources.

Lots of empty rooftops

Many big corporations understand the importance of having a sustainability agenda. A variety of measures are implemented and, nowadays, investing in solar projects is quite a common practice. But still, a lot of companies are using grey electricity and most rooftops are empty. SolarAccess has been working in the field of sun green energy for more than 17 years. Until the end of 2019 over 1,000,000 solar panels were installed and over 260,000 MWh of green electricity was generated.

Having a vast experience we know the benefits of using sun energy. Frans van Schoor, CEO at SolarAccess: “There are so many empty rooftops and pieces of company land near you that can be filled with solar panels. The direct use means there is no strain on the energy net and no waste due to the energy transportation. Capacity and demand are easily matched.”

Solar energy from own location: the advantages

Our big dream is that, one day, all the assets with high electricity consumption will serve sustainability and many solar projects will be implemented.
There are a lot of reasons behind solar energy. The most important ones are:
1. The price per kWh, in most of the cases, is lower than the price of conventional electricity.
2. Practically the investment is low comparing to the long term benefits. In some countries this investment is covered by the government through subsidies.

Acting green means being economically interesting for our clients

It’s exciting to sell solar energy in a way that benefits all parties involved, both financially and environmentally.
Our everyday partners are our clients, investors, insurance companies and power suppliers. They are helping us to improve ourselves and our services. Being an established company with a start-up mentality is something that characterizes SolarAccess. We do notice an increasing awareness and readiness to invest in sustainability. The appreciation for solar power ‘from your own roof/ land’ is growing. We do believe that future generations will show loyalty to companies that take the environment seriously and we love supporting your company in that. Together we can make a significant impact and create a world where every company contributes.

To conclude. Why should all companies use solar power from their own roofs/ land?

– It’s a contribution to your companies sustainable objectives
– It’s your company’s contribution to the planet’s health
– It brings a long terms financially benefit due to the price per kWh
– Investment, in most of the cases, is low

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