Team Service & Maintenance


Team Service & Maintenance

SolarAccess teams work with an overall monitoring system that allows the access to all solar installations data, either on the site or through the system. Regular reports are generated. These reports are offering a complete picture of the performance of the solar installation.

Niels: “Through the inverters we are getting all the data. In case intervention is needed, our specialized technical team is all the time ready for action.”

Constant monitoring is complemented by at least once a year on site visit for all our installations.

Niels: “We are fully responsible for the solar installations. That’s why the yearly inspection is crucial to us. It also leads to a continuously growing knowledge of all our projects. Our big purpose is to assure that all panels are up and running every single day.”

The main difference between SolarAccess and many other solar companies, is that we sell solar energy power, through on-site PPA.

Our expertise is vast and includes: project development, building installations, financing, monitoring and maintaining.

As we are the owner of the solar installation we are fully responsible for good functionally of them. Our main priority is to keep them in optimal condition and assure they are generating green electricity for our clients.”

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