Solid, reliable and simple structures: the base simply has to be right Structures for solar panels – interview with Vincent Terryn of Avasco Solar

Solid, reliable and simple structures: the base simply has to be right Structures for solar panels – interview with Vincent Terryn of Avasco Solar

As simple as possible
At Avasco Solar, Vincent Terryn is responsible for everything related to technical and commercial aspects of a solar installation structure. During the last 16 years with Avasco Vincent experienced the complete set up of the solar branch. “In general, manufacturers have a critical approach of their production process and try to make products as simple as possible”, says Vincent. “The design and production process go hand in hand. Above all, we listen carefully to our customers’ demands. As a result, we design simple and solid products”. The three most important requirements for our structures are:
1. Technical responsibility: high-quality products in line with the standards
2. Mounting speed
3. Competitive price

Triangular system

“Avasco’s requirements match perfectly with SolarAcces’s wish list”, according to Erwin Rozendaal, Project Manager at SolarAccess. “Avasco has developed a triangular system for flat roofs that is ready to be used and slides together easily when assembled. Some suppliers offer structures of which the metal quickly deforms, but Avasco developed a well-functioning and strong construction at a competitive price. Perfect for us!”

25 to 30 years

On-site PPA is the main product SolarAcces is offering. That means solar installations remain our property for a long period of time. The panels should be capable of functioning for 25 to 30 years without any problems. Erwin: “In addition to the lifespan, the duration of our projects is important to us, which is why we focus on efficiency. Structures consist of a number of separate components. How are they delivered and how quickly can we process them? That’s what we focus on. Our construction teams must be able to work super efficiently.”

SolarAccess has an open and critical eye when it comes to suppliers, what the market is offering, and strategically  important how sustainable are those materials, including their production processes? Erwin: “We visit suppliers and keep our eyes open for companies that offer new, better and more efficient products. However, a healthy relationship with our suppliers is very important to us. We strongly believe in long term partnerships, not only with our clients but with our suppliers as well. And that is why we have been working with Avasco for a number of years now and use their Solarspeed structure in many of our projects”.

Sustainable future

Both Erwin and Vincent see a bright future for the solar market and welcome the increasing attention for generating sustainable energy worldwide. Vincent: “Meanwhile, we are working on the further development of our structures. The launch of Solarspeed 3.0 is planned for May 2021. The focus is on our customers’ requirements: short lead installation time, value for money and extra attention to cable management. Increasing the production capacity is also important, since demand from the market is high.”

Vincent: “I am pleased with the long-term cooperation between Avasco and SolarAccess and looking forward to continuing this in the future. Together we have been able to realise a tremendous amount of  projects of which I am very proud.” Erwin: “The Solarspeed structures provides an excellent basis for our solar parks. In collaboration with Avasco, we already have installed more than 100.000 panels. We aim for continuing our collaboration and build many new solar projects together in the coming years!”


Avasco Solar – an immense success

Originally a sheet metal company, Avasco started to produce simple triangular structures for mounting solar panels twelve years ago. This proved to be a great success and nowadays Avasco Solar is cleary focusing on everything concerning mounting systems for solar panels on flat roofs. Vincent: “We saw potential in the market and we are delighted by the demand for our products. We have invested a lot in technical knowledge, software, quality studies and testing since then.” Avasco Solar is a very successful organisation serving customers around the Benelux. Avasco is a manufacturer that sells directly to major installers and distributors. The organisation is busy expanding its customer base in other countries in Europe. This expansion is realised from their newly constructed site which contains a large production department. In the last 3 years, Avasco turnover has grown by 50% year by year.

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