SolarAccess opts for one of the most reliable and best quality inverters. Always thanks to our partner Wattkrafft.

SolarAccess opts for one of the most reliable and best quality inverters. Always thanks to our partner Wattkrafft.

With more than 1.2 million solar panels installed, SolarAccess is generating more than 230.00 MWh/year of green electricity while contributing significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions – 150.000 ton/ year. The sustainable energy supplier realizes so-called “all-inclusive on-site PPA projects”, including project development, construction, lifelong maintenance & reporting and financial project management. All those instalations has been relying on the new generation of inverters from Huawei for several years now.

We are strong in the realization of on-site Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) projects, says Ruben van Schoor, Operations Manager at SolarAccess. “In other words, we finance, install and operate solar power installations on the roofs of large multinationals and sell the generated electricity to them. In this way, these companies do not have to invest in solar systems themselves. This does not alter the fact that this construction allows them to benefit from sustainable energy. ”

Service life doubled.

SolarAccess has been active for seventeen years and invests in large-scale projects.

“Reliability of the installation is very important to us,” admits Ruben Van Schoor. “That is also the reason that a few years ago we switched to Wattkraft, the largest importer / distributor of Huawei inverters in Europe. Until now we have not had a single malfunction. This high reliability also means that from now on we can calculate on a service life of fifteen years instead of the seven years we used to considered. Wattkraft also always provides us high quality of advice and assistance. They have a lot of knowledge and support us where necessary to achieve the best project design. We can also turn to them when it comes to legal and insurance related questions. ”

The ambition of SolarAccess is clear. “We follow our customer, the multinationals, further into Europe. Each country has its own rules, taxes, duties, technical conditions, etc. And every projects is different. Wattkraft goes along with us. We also started to assess opportunities outside of Europe. Currently we are developing projects for the United States and Latin America.”

Wattkraft is also pleased with the collaboration with SolarAccess.

“We enjoy doing business with an experienced party who consciously makes the choice to work with good quality materials,” says Wattkraft’s Elise ten Klooster. “We would therefore like to grow with them internationally, also outside Europe.”

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