CAPEX free Solar energy system Directly connected to your production facility



  • On-site solar energy at competitive price per kWh
  • On-site or near your location solar power connected directly to the facility/ location
  • Generating green energy without investment – off balance
  • Contribute directly and transparently to the sustainability agenda by reducing the CO2 emissions
  • Compliant with the circular economy principles, build with responsibility to last longer
  • No technical risk
  • Full-service solution incl assurance, maintaining, servicing, monitoring and reporting



SolarAccess is specialized in on-site and near-site solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Our product is tailored made for every client and location while considering the followings:

    •  Efficiency of the space
    •  Best placement of the panels
    • Competitiveness of the green energy price
    • Speed of reaction & high-level customer support
    • Simply approach and process

Green solar energy systems are completely designed, finance, built and managed by our motivated team of experts during the entire lifetime of the system.

In addition, your company will receive green electricity certificates to prove the production on green solar energy.