Integral vision on quality. Santiago Estrada (Commercial Manager at 3E) and Olaf van der Sar (CFO at SolarAccess) are telling us today about technical due diligences and monitoring platform

Integral vision on quality. Santiago Estrada (Commercial Manager at 3E) and Olaf van der Sar (CFO at SolarAccess) are telling us today about technical due diligences and monitoring platform

Quality above all else
At SolarAccess, the focus on excellent quality of our solar installations is undoubtedly paramount. Not only the quality of all individual components but also of the design process and the end result, the installation as it can ultimately be seen on rooftops.
Olaf: “With the optimal performance of our systems and the quality level we strive for, several components are relevant:
 A good design and correct configuration, high output and safety
 Using the right, high-quality components
 A good construction phase, correct realisation of the project
 An adequate monitoring and maintenance plan
Our collaboration with 3E started in 2015, when 3E conducted technical due diligences on solar PV rooftops projects, but now goes a lot further. 3E assesses our installations from an integral perspective and thereby contributes to safeguarding the high level of quality we strive for.”
3E’s advisory tasks include: design review, long term yield assessment, verification at provisional acceptance and verification at final acceptance.

From design to final inspection

It was in 2017 when the collaboration between our companies strengthened greatly. SolarAccess was growing rapidly in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy. Under the supervision of Santiago Estrada, 3E Commercial Director, a Framework Agreement was agreed, by which 3E became the main Technical Advisory firm. Santiago: “This collaboration is intense, with many projects being assessed at the same time at different stages. Some at early stage, where 3E is supporting on the yield estimations and design verification, others at construction and commissioning stages where 3E is supporting on Acceptance Protocols and construction quality.” In 2019, the collaboration moved ahead even deeper when SynaptiQ became SolarAccess monitoring platform for global PV operations.

Olaf: “It is important for us to monitor our projects 24-7 and 3E’s software for advanced performance monitoring and asset management is an excellent tool”.

Commitment to quality

Santiago: “Due to the dual role that 3E has been taking in regard to SolarAccess’ operations, both as Technical Advisory and via SynaptiQ, we have a unique perspective of the commitment to quality that, from design to operation, SolarAccess renders to their solar PV projects. From this perspective, 3E as an independent advisor towards third party investors and lenders, has been consistently reviewing SolarAccess’ processes resulting in a success story in the markets where both companies have venture together.”

Renewable Energy accessible and affordable for all

Since its foundation more than 20 years ago, 3E has had a strong commitment to bridge the gap between the market reality and the R&D vision, allowing the most important companies in the Renewable Energy sector, like SolarAccess, to accelerate the energy transition.

Santiago: “The energy transition is a reality, and the challenge of the future is to ensure that this energy is accessible and affordable for all. This titanic task won’t be achieved unless a full digitalization of the industry takes place. This digitalization starts from within companies that, like 3E and SolarAccess, pioneered the renewable energy integration into the market mix. It is precisely on this where the future collaboration between both firms will continue to grow, exploring and forging together the next market reality, where digitalization of assets and processes will be the new normal.”



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