In 2021 SolarAccess will start investing massively in the Spanish green energy market!

In 2021 SolarAccess will start investing massively in the Spanish green energy market!

We are happy to announce that due a great financial deal, in 2021 we will start investing massively into the Spanish green energy market, through financing and building highly efficient solar installations on the clients location.

SolarAccess is targeting the solar energy market in Spain

Rocío Castellón, Country Manager will lead SolarAccess’ expansion within the Spanish market. With more than 5 years’ experience in the green solar energy field, Rocio is a passionate promoter of sustainability. As Sevillian she is extremely energized by leading the new project in Spain, and this is adding an extra personal motivation. “Soon after moving to the Netherlands, 7 years ago, I started to work with the SolarAccess team. I am truly  dedicated to the company mission of creating a more sustainable environment by unlocking the positive energy of the sun. I feel very energised and motivated to lead the expansion of the company in Spain, my home country. Due to SolarAccess partnership with different financial institutions investing in sustainability, we will be supporting companies from Spain to become more sustainable and use the renewable energy efficiently.”

For the next three years, SolarAccess is going to invest more than 50.000.000 euros in on-site solar projects for companies in Spain. Rocío: “We believe Spain is as ready as we are for unlocking the sun energy! I am very proud and grateful for having the opportunity to bring the sun positive energy to my home country.”

Sustainable and affordable electricity on your location and without investment

SolarAccess is an established green energy supplier with more than 17 years’ experience in providing solar electricity from our clients locations, through on-site purchase agreements.

Rocío: “The main difference in between SolarAccess’s offer and what other companies are offering is that SolarAccess is an energy supplier, specialized in on-site or near site solar systems through on-site power purchase agreements. Our company offer covers the entire spectrum of activities, from solar projects development and technical inspections to financing, construction, and afterward monitoring, reporting and maintaining the solar installations in great conditions. The green electricity produced by the solar installations, placed on our clients locations, will be offered to our clients at highly competitive rates, so in addition to sustainability, SolarAccess also offers a significant financial advantage to its clients. Our clients will only need to pay for the kWh of green solar electricity produced by the installation built on the company’ rooftop or land.”

Something exceptional to offer. Pay only the green energy at attractive rate

Rocío: “Everybody knows that Spain it’s a sunny country. The climate offers excellent conditions for generating solar energy. The current legislation related to solar energy is appealing and allows large-scale investments in renewable energy. A great opportunity for SolarAccess to do what we do best: providing on site green solar energy to large assets with high electricity consumption.” SolarAccess is planning to cooperate with different local partners for realizing our ambitious target. Rocio: “I truly believe SolarAccess offer will be appreciated by a many companies located in Spain. We know there is competition out there and our big advantages are our tremendous track record of hundreds of successful projects and the financial freedom of investing in Spain. As simple as that: green solar power at a competitive rate, without investment and with only one requitement for a minimum of 5.000m2 rooftop or land available at or near the company location.”

Many empty rooftops and pieces of company land

Most companies understand the importance of having a sustainability agenda nowadays, says Rocío. And fortunately, investing in solar energy projects is a common practice. Many big rooftops and companies land are empty and do not have a second usage. Rocío: “At SolarAccess we truly want to change this. It is in the advantage different companies and it is increasing the usage of renewable energy. SolarAccess already installed over 2.300.500 m² of solar panels which are producing more than 263.438 MWh of energy. The coming years we will support Spanish companies and work together for a better use of resources with financial advantage for the companies. We are experienced in designing and implementing solar projects for companies. We are investing and carefully care about the solar installations. Our solar installations are incorporating highly efficient  materials, all the time up to date to the latest technological developments. Constant cooperation with local partners and our clients is equally essential. We are highly skilled and this can be proven by the great collaboration we already have with multinational companies like Heineken, PepsiCo, Ardagh, Wavin.”

Working with SolarAccess will guarantee:

    • Solar energy directly at your own location and without investment
    • No technical risks, insurance and maintenance included
    • Competitive price per kWh vs conventional electricity
    • Only pay for the production of green electricity at your company location
    • Reducing CO2 emission and contribute to a better quality of the environment

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